Through the character of curator and naturalist, I use aesthetics of museum authority while taking poetic license with truth and history. I pull from childhood memories of exhibition halls packed with Greco Roman sculpture while investigating the dissatisfaction I now experience with missing gaps in the narratives of history. I build installations to recreate an overwhelming museum ambiance inspired by early Cabinets of Curiosity. I am concerned with the double-sided consequences of exploration and exploitation caused by human ambition during the Age of Discover. I question these lingering effects upon our current socio-ecological climate by critically examining the historical context of museums.

  Informed by museum exhibit design practices and fine art installations I aim to create investigative museum style installations where visitors have to work to deduce the heart of the message - discerning between fact and fiction. By telling multi-layered stories through interaction with handmade objects and space, my immersive installations encourage audience participation. I am interested in how individuals react to curated environments that challenge the expectations of art and history through physical engagement.