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The Marcus Kelli Collection – Stories of an Outsider in Nature comes to Portland OR!

  • Boys Fort 902 Southwest Morrison Street Portland, OR, 97205 United States (map)

A Portable Natural History Museum by Danielle Schlunegger-Warner

Opening Reception: October 9th 2-5 pm

Artist Talk & Museum Performance: November 13th 2pm

The Marcus Kelli Collection was conceived as a portable space that converts into a natural history museum. Housed within a room sized canvas expedition tent, the museum is complete with interactive exhibits, specimens, artifacts, and windows looking out on hand built dioramas. Guests to the Museum can immerse themselves into the life of 19th century naturalist, Marcus Kelli, exploring at their own depth and pace. In this special installation hosted by BOYS FORT in downtown Portland, visitors can read Marcus Kelli's personal letters and inspect objects hands on in order to unravel his story.
Danielle’s approach to her work is itself a performance piece. Her creations come not from her, but from an eccentric 19th century collector. Through this space she is able to remain on the fringes of her creations as she layers realities, histories, and fictions. As the founder and curator of the Marcus Kelli Collection she recreates artifacts and extinct animals based on the field notes and journals of Marcus Kelli. Informed by museum exhibit design practices and fine art installations Schlunegger-Warner creates investigative museum style installations where visitors have to work to deduce the heart of the message - discerning between fact and fiction. 



902 SW Morrison Street

Portland, Oregon 97205

(Corner of 9th & Morrison)

Gallery Hours: Tue – Sat: 11am – 6pm, Sun – Mon: Noon - 5pm

Phone: 503-567-1015

Earlier Event: May 13