Danielle Schlunegger-Warner at The Red Fox
Feb 28

Danielle Schlunegger-Warner at The Red Fox

  • The Red Fox

This event is hosted by Verge PDX

Please join us for the opening reception of Danielle Schlunegger-Warner's solo exhibition at the Red Fox in North Portland on Sunday February 5th, 7-9pm.

This solo exhibition will be on display at Red Fox during regular business hours for the month of February. If you aren't able to make the opening, be sure to stop by during the month.

The Red Fox
5128 N Albina
Portland OR 97217
3pm - 1:30am daily
The Red Fox is 21 and over.

The Marcus Kelli Collection – Stories of an Outsider in Nature comes to Portland OR!
Jan 1

The Marcus Kelli Collection – Stories of an Outsider in Nature comes to Portland OR!

  • Boys Fort

The Marcus Kelli Collection was conceived as a portable space that converts into a natural history museum. Housed within a room sized canvas expedition tent, the museum is complete with interactive exhibits, specimens, artifacts, and windows looking out on hand built dioramas. Guests to the Museum can immerse themselves into the life of 19th century naturalist, Marcus Kelli, exploring at their own depth and pace. In this special installation hosted by BOYS FORT in downtown Portland, visitors can read Marcus Kelli's personal letters and inspect objects hands on in order to unravel his story.  


Show Runs: October 9th – January 1st

Opening Reception: October 9th 2-5 pm

Artist Talk & Museum Performance: November 13th2pm



902 SW Morrison Street

Portland, Oregon 97205

(Corner of 9th & Morrison)

Gallery Hours: Tue – Sat: 11am – 6pm, Sun – Mon: Noon - 5pm

Phone: 503-567-1015


May 30


  • Basement Gallery Oakland

Opening Reception:
Friday May 13th, 7-10pm

Basement Gallery Oakland
1027 3rd Street, Oakland 94607

Danielle’s work subverts institutional systems of representation by creating aesthetics of authority while taking poetic license with truth and history. Inspired by natural history and the museums that house it, Danielle creates her own worlds within this established context. Her upcoming installation, Frontier, presents a vision of exploration and conquest during the Age of Imperialism in the Americas. Her work searches for the elusive and misguided promise of truly untouched lands and considers this idea from the perspective of naturalists, who are themselves, Invaders.

Danielle has been working with wax since she began using it in the lost wax process of bronze casting. Ephemeral by nature, this material will experience melting, casting, forming and finally melting again during the course of this exhibition. Schlunegger intends to both build and destroy historical notions of the past by creating museum quality dioramas and literally allowing them to melt away.

The Insect Show
May 28

The Insect Show

  • The Zymoglyphic Museum

With over a million known species, and possibly ten times that many yet to be discovered, insects make up the vast majority of the planet’s diversity. They buzz, crawl, flit, hop, swim, hover, swarm, and inch their way in our urban cracks and crevices, in the undergrowth, through the air, in ponds and streams, and everywhere else. They are seen in turn as fascinating, beautiful, creepy, useful, pestilent, and, to some, inspiring. 

(processing) Bay Area Artists and the Archive
Oct 23

(processing) Bay Area Artists and the Archive

  • Worth Ryder Gallery

(processing) is an exhibition of nine Bay Area contemporary artists whose work is an attempt to come to terms with “the archive” – society’s endless library of objects and information. They have appropriated and researched their family photographs, created weavings based on California climate data, built a fictional 19th-century natural history collection, and sorted piles of plastic cultural objects found on the beach.

Featuring Bay Area Artists:

  • Bay Area Society for Art & Activism
  • Carrie Hott
  • Rose Khor
  • Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang
  • Heather Murphy
  • Sugata Ray
  • Danielle Schlunegger
  • Andrew Ananda Voogel
  • Tali Weinberg

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 12 – 5 pm

Free, Accessible, and Open to the Public

Oct 31


  • Walrus

Opens First Friday October 2nd 6-9pm
On view through October 31st, 2015

I will be have several sculptures and some smaller items available at Walrus for the month of October. At Walrus, you'll find repurposed and upcycled vintage items and pre-owned goods. Please join me for an artists reception for Oakland's First Friday in October. 


The September Show
Sep 30

The September Show

  • Abrams Claghorn

Artist Reception: Saturday Sept 12, 5-7pm

In this show each artist is exploring the concept of story telling and narrative art. Each has their own unique view point and story to tell, whether its' through the use of figurative and animal imagery, or the examination of our own selves.

Featuring Bay Area Artists:

  • Megan Keelan
  • Freya Prowe
  • Anna Vaughan
  • Crystal Morsey
  • Michael McConnell 
  • Danielle Schlunegger
  • Kerri Lee Johnson
Oct 7


  • Nielsen Arts

Opening Reception Saturday August 22nd

Participating Artists

  • Felicia Ann
  • Danielle Schlunegger
  • Yosiell Lorenzo
Shadow Box: A Group Show
Sep 3

Shadow Box: A Group Show

  • Ghost Gallery

Opening reception Thurs, Aug. 13th 5-9pm

This show continues Ghost Gallery's 8-month series of featuring female-identifying artists in the main gallery from March - October 2015.

Participating artists include:

  • Amber Imrie-Situnayake (CA)
  • Amber Maykut (Brooklyn)
  • Anastasia Zielinski
  • Anne La Fever
  • Bunneah Munkeah
  • Caitlin McCormack (PA)
  • Clarita Hinojosa 
  • Crystal Blanchflower 
  • Danielle Schlunegger (CA)
  • Domonique Alesi (PA)
  • Donia (NYC)
  • Elizabeth Arzani 
  • Emily Marie Clark 
  • Holly Martz
  • Ilona Brustad 
  • Inna Peck
  • Jessica Bonin
  • Jody Joldersma
  • Kaitlin Beckett (Melbourne)
  • Karla Fuller-Palmer
  • Krisna Schumann 
  • Kristine Helgager 
  • Laura Tempest Zakroff
  • Lisa Mei Ling Fong 
  • Michelle Smith-Lewis 
  • Meredith Stafford
  • Patricia Sullivan (NJ)
  • Rebecca Luncan Raven 
  • Rebecca Reeves (PA)
  • Shayna Yasuhara (CA)
  • Whitney Bashaw 
  • Zoë Williams (NY)
Aug 10


Opening Reception July 10th 6pm-8pm

Cabinets of curiosities were seventeenth century collections of strange and unclassifiable objects that gave rise to a new view of the natural world as something that was endlessly transforming. Early scientists believed they could gain an understanding of how the world functioned by discovering invisible similarities from the arrangement of curios. In the tradition of the earliest museums, this exhibition presents eight artists whose work celebrates wonder and curiosity while still keeping the shifting manipulation of the natural world in mind.

Participating Artists

From the Wrist Up
Sep 23

From the Wrist Up

  • paxton gate curiosities for kidss

A group show bringing together 17 different artists, including painters, illustrators, sculptors, sign painters and photographers, all working in the medium of their choice to show off their view and creative take on "hands". What comes out of their hands, what is created by their hands, or what lies beneath the skin. 

Hands are used to meet someone new, to hold, to carry, to defend and to love. We eat with them, fight with them, wave, direct, touch, test, and make with them. Hands are expressive, gestural, and for us, highly creative. 

Featuring work from:

Cody Blocker
Justin Carlisle-Angrand
Monica Garwood 
Jeff Gomez 
Ara Jo 
Christina Jung 
Chris Koehler 
Scott Leddy
Matt Leibowitz 
Michael Manomivibul 
John Provencher
Courtney Riddle
Valentin Saqueton 
Danielle Schlunegger 
Jess Suttner 
Jenna Trost 
Grim Wilkins


O'er the Gilded Shore - The 1838 expedition
Jul 27

O'er the Gilded Shore - The 1838 expedition

  • FM

The 1838 California Expedition marks the first successful scientific venture for the self-taught naturalist Marcus Kelli. O’er the Gilded Shores presents genuine artifacts and preserved specimens that provide a personal glimpse of pre gold rush California wilderness. Finding ourselves at the intersection of human progress and the necessity of conserving our wild spaces, the Marcus Kelli Collection aims to inspire a strong sense of wonder about the natural world.  By sharing Marcus Kelli’s stories and experiences, the Museum hopes to preserve the mentality of wonder and stewardship for our future by investigating our past.

The Marcus Kelli Collection is a small museum founded in 2010 which aims to restore the 19th century amateur naturalist's field work collection. 

Fact And Fancy
Jun 21

Fact And Fancy

  • Aggregate Spce

A Pair of Installations Featuring Jana Rumberger and Danielle Schlunegger

Opening Reception   May 16th 6-10pm

First Friday Event   June 6th 6-10pm

Second Saturday Artist Talk   June 14th 11am

Open House at Headlands Center for the Arts
12:00 pm12:00

Open House at Headlands Center for the Arts

"Come roam the various buildings of our campus, engage with Artists in their studios, experience new work and works in progress, see performances, hear readings, and stay for a homemade lunch in the Mess Hall."

Come visit me in the studio!

My studio is located in the basement of building 960 up the hill from the Nike missile site. There is some parking available, but there will be shuttles running from the mess hall/main building up to building 960 throughout the day.

A Life Abroad- Vignettes from The Marcus Kelli Collection
Feb 22

A Life Abroad- Vignettes from The Marcus Kelli Collection

  • 1158 HOWARD STREET San Fransisco

Peephole Gallery at Alter Space1158 Howard St. San Francisco

Opening Reception January 18th 7-10 pm

The Marcus Kelli Collection presents A Life Abroad- a glance into the transformative journey that lead to Marcus Kelli’s endeavors as an amateur naturalist. Visitors are encouraged inspect and interact with the landscapes inspired by Kelli’s 1838 expedition to the California Coast. Alongside precious glimpses at animals and habitats that are now lost, the collection revels the early history of Mr. Kelli’s life and the mysterious incident that lead him to his obsessive studies.

Open House at Headlands Center for the Arts
12:00 pm12:00

Open House at Headlands Center for the Arts

  • Headlands Center for the Arts

Come visit me in the studio!

"Building on Headlands’ 30th Birthday festivities in Fall 2012, this Fall Open House is once again set in the Parade Ground. Visit with artists in their studios and attend performances and readings, then head outside to partake in hands-on activities for all ages, peruse finely-crafted wares at local artisan pop-up shops, and see the landscape through new eyes on artist-led hikes. The Mess Hall will be dishing out picnic-ready lunches, so bring your blanket or borrow one of ours, and be prepared for an art-filled day in the park."